Terms of Service

For those who don't like reading

  • I may do anything with the data you provide, stop providing this service, etc.
  • You don't upload, write, create any harmful content or anything that is against any German law.

What doesn't belong on ClassQuiz

The owner may delete, change and modify any quiz. Quizzes with any pornography, illegal content or propaganda have to be reported and will be reviewed and deleted, if it's against these rules. This platform is made to share educational content, which can include anything, but NO PORNOGRAPHY, ILLEGAL CONTENT or PROPAGANDA. I hope you understand what I mean. 😇

How to report illegal content

You have to report illegal content by writing an email to [email protected]

The rights of the admin

The admin is allowed to publish ANY data provided by the user, although the admin doesn't want to do it. The admin can also delete ANY content, whether it's against any rule or not. ClassQuiz also doesn't provide any (uptime)-guarantee, so ClassQuiz could be shut down without any warning and without any ability for the user to get their data. The admin may publish any data provided by the user anywhere and share it with anyone.

The rights of the user

You can request the deletion of your data at any time by writing an email to [email protected]. Please include the email you registered with on ClassQuiz, and, if possible, a prove that you are the owner of the account, by, eg., writing the email with the email-address which is associated with your ClassQuiz-account.

Final Words

All of that may sound hard, but, for example, the part with the data-publishing: What happens if data should be stolen and published? i don't run this platform to get insulted for publishing (personal) data, so I just make sure you're fine with that! Of course, I'll try to not publish any data, delete any content without a reason, etc, but I could. If you still got any questions, please contact me at mawoka.eu/contact

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